The Bible describes false teachers as wolves in sheep’s clothing. It gives us a great insight in how difficult it can be to find the false teachers in our midst. A wolf that looks like a wolf is easy to find. However, a camouflaged wolf, not so much.

Pointing out wolves is easy when they are not hid. That is what many people do. They look around and see obvious wolves and point them out. These wolves are people who are obvious enemies of the cross- those who blatantly deny God and fight against him. They are easy to spot because they do not hide who they are.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing is not the college professor who teaches there is no God. It is not the singer who gets up and mocks and blasphemes God. It is not the philosopher whose worldview undeniably contradicts Scripture. It isn’t even the historian who says the Bible is unreliable.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing looks like us Christians. They will pray with their families before a meal. They will sing on Christian radio. They will have the same values as us and take the same political stands. Christians will praise them for their stand for Christ and family values. But we must beware, because underneath that soft, woolly exterior is a beast with fangs that want to devour sheep.

How then do we find these false teachers, these wolves? Firstly, by their fruit. We must look at their lives and see if the way they live lines up with Scripture. Second;y. we must examine their teachings. What do they say? What do they teach? What church do they go to and with whom do they hang out? What teachers and teachings do they praise? These are all questions that must be answered.

I know that for our generation the eleventh commandment is “Thou shalt not judge”. But the Bible has told us that we must judge to discern these things. We must beware because there are wolves in sheep’s clothing lurking about. And if you know anything about sheep and wolves, things don’t go well for the sheep when they get together.

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