Building The Walls – Part 1 (by Dr. Jim Roberts III)

After Saul was established as king, there were many more kings in Israel, some good but mostly bad. They persisted in doing evil so God allowed them to be taken into captivity. Around 536 B.C. Under Zerubbabel, a group returned and built the temple to replace Solomon’s – 75 years later Ezra led a group back but they got bogged down. So God sent prophets, Haggai and Zechariah, to stir them up and they finished. (Ezra 6:14-15). Nehemiah is a classic seminar on leadership and he could stand alongside Moses and Paul even though it was a different situation.

Nehemiah – Providentially Placed Man. About 445 B.C., as He always does, God raised up the man to match the hour – maybe a shepherd(David) – maybe unlearned fisherman. Esther was the right girl, in the right place, at the right time. All down through the ages, God has not been without a chosen vessel. Nehemiah, like all men, had shortcomings. All of us have flaws and Nehemiah was no exception. He was very blunt. He did not beat around the bush. He could be forceful because his focus was on getting the job done. He was not going to be stopped or even hindered. He was fervent, fiery, and could be rough. This is who Nehemiah was – just as God had made him. Do you realize that God has made you and placed you in this period of time?

Nehemiah also had great strengths! All of his shortcomings and strengths worked together. He gained a high post as the king’s cupbearer. However, Nehemiah’s supreme priority was that he was saved, a child of THE KING. He was sensitive to his responsibility because of his position in Christ. He had great discernment. But most importantly, he was a praying man! He literally prayed about everything and made no decision without getting the mind of God. Nehemiah was a humble man who did not like the spotlight. Yet, he knew the history of his people. He portrayed a fearless spirit toward man because he had an awesome fear of an almighty God. He saw the need of a ruined Jerusalem and made the determination, with God as his guide, to do something about it.

God had Nehemiah in the right place at the right time. God has placed us. We are the men that God has placed in our individual situations to see the Spiritual need and to Build.

Are you ready?

What if you are to be God’s man in India?


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