Bible Thinking about Life and Death (by Beau Carpenter)

Philippians 1:21 – For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.
It is my opinion that many Christians don’t honestly agree with this verse, our motto would probably go like this:
To live is:
Get married
Have a family
Enjoy life
Serve God
Start a church
See God use me in a big way
To die is:
Miss out on it all
This is a super radical way of thinking that is clear in the Bible, yet not so easy to live out. It is easy to see life as a good option. We can do what we want, we can experience things, we can serve God. But to see death as the better option??????? You have to be insane!!
Well not insane, but you have to be biblically minded.
To die is to depart from this body to the presence of Jesus
To die is to go from life, to everlasting life
To die is to go from a broken world to the presence of perfect God
To die is to magnify God
Sadly we try to hang onto life, we think life is the best option when the truth is that to die is far better than the best of life.

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