Bad way to make Friends


April 24, 2017

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Devotional Thoughts

Luke 23:12

Friends are good, needed, encouraged Biblically and a great thing to have in life. We know from Proverbs that there are principles about how to have friends, what kind of friends, etc., but here in Luke we see a real example of “how not to make friends”. Friendships are based on a common interest (two people love same hobby, of same faith, etc.) and in this passage the common interest is that both of the parties (Pilate and Herod) were judging Jesus. The verse says that before they were enemies of each other, but now “they were made friends together” because of the situation of judging and dealing with Christ. What a horrible way to base a friendship on. As a Christian, I should make sure my friendships are made and based on loving my God, not in any way offending or hurting my God.


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