August Prayer Letter (by Philip Bassham)

Language Progress Update
We have really mixed up our language learning this month, and it feels like it has really paid off. This month marks 15 months of working at Thai, which doesn’t make for all that exciting prayer letters, but is an essential planting of roots, for years of effective ministry.

We have cut back on formal in-class language school hours and now working more on the more specialized vocabulary needed for communicating the Gospel more clearly. We are also able to spend more of those hours meeting people, making connections, and sharing the Gospel.

House Hunting
We have been house hunting for about a month now in the area we are looking to put down roots, but it is proving to be more difficult than we expected. I think it is likely because it is so densely populated, there just aren’t that many houses available, and less still that are going to make Lori happy. So, the hunt continues. Pray that The Lord will guide us to the house he would have us have.

This month, as Lori gears up to have the baby (due Sept 7th), it has attracted my and her mother both to make the long trip to Thailand for a visit. My mom is here currently, and it is great to get to see family again. Lori’s mom will be coming in a few weeks, and will be here for the birth, Lord willing. Pray for Lori and us all, as we will have a lot of changes coming soon with a new house, new baby, and new things to adjust to.

The annual missions event of the year, the OG Summit, is coming up again January 1-3, 2015. If you have never been, I highly recommend going. I know of no other missions event like it in the world that the whole family can enjoy while learning and being challenged about missions.


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