Dear Praying Friends,

I hope this letter finds you all enjoying your summer! It’s been a crazy month for us, and here are some updates:

Went to Camp!

Prior to this summer, the last camp I had been to was Boot Camp. This was definitely better. My parents are missionaries in neighbouring Portugal, and so I went to help for a week of teen camp, and it was tremendous. At least 2 teens made professions of faith in Christ, with many more decisions made that I really believe will bring fruit down the road in that needy country.

Started Work on Our Building!

Thanks to the help of our friends the Torbersons (Berean Baptist), we were able to complete the back wall of the building. Next we will be cleaning the entire building top to bottom and painting it.

God is Answering Prayer!

I outlined in last month’s letter the urgent need for $7000 before the end of September to outfit the building completely for services, and we now have $3800 promised! Thanks so much to all who have given: we even received an offering from a church’s K5 class. We definitely need a few more to catch the vision, but we have no doubt that God will provide the remaining $3200 for projectors, paint, AC, and distribution materials. If you can help with any part of this opportunity, please contact me at

New Contacts!

It’s been really amazing to watch God opening doors to share the Gospel. Please be in prayer for Angel, Bayi, and Christoff, all new contacts from this month, all have heard the Gospel, and all received Bibles.

Another exciting development has been a young man named Pablo: Pablo “happened” to walk by the building while we were working on the wall, and stopped in to ask who the new tenants were going to be. He was obviously interested when I explained that we were a Baptist church, gave me his card, and asked me to call him later. The very next day (before I had a chance to call), I stopped in a café in the next town over for my morning coffee, and Pablo just “happened” to walk in! He sat down and talked with me for an hour, told me that he was a new believer in Christ (converted in a Baptist church in a tiny town somewhere else in Spain), was currently attending a Pentecostal church, but very unhappy because he wasn’t being taught enough Bible. Long story short, he is very excited that there will be a Bible teaching church in his town now, and wants to start studying with me right away!

Here are some of our upcoming plans:

ESL Classes:

Offering free English classes has already met with some very positive response, with several signed up already just from word of mouth. We are planning to get started in early September, provided we can have the building ready in time. We really believe this can be a great funnel to have first time visitors in the church.

Bible Studies:

Lord willing we will be starting with Pablo (and hopefully several others) holding a weekly Bible study in the building as soon as it is available (and at home until then). Please forgive me if I seem to be pushing the need for the building project too much, I really believe that having these ministries in a central, stable location from the beginning will greatly help the church launch. I want people used to meeting at the church as soon as possible!

Thanks again for your faithful prayer and support,

The Newtons

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