View from my apartment in Dalian.

I am here in my 17th floor apartment in Dalian, China writing this post. I am so excited to have finally made it to China. I am excited to see what God is going to do in my life during my time here.

The Trip:

I did not have the shortest of trips here to Dalian, but thankfully I am here now, and everything made it safe. My flight from Atlanta to Toronto was delayed, so I did not get off the plane in Toronto until fifteen minutes before my flight to Toronto from Beijing was supposed to leave. I rushed as fast as I could to the gate, asking people to get out of my way. Unfortunately, I was still too late. I missed the flight. They may have let me on the plane if I did not have any luggage, but they said that there was no way for my bags to make it in time. I caught my breath and walked away disappointed that I missed the flight. Fortunately, the airline put me up in a nice hotel and gave me plenty of meal tickets for food. I waited 24 hours until the same flight of the next day. The rest of the trip went smoothly except for someone smoking in the airplane laboratory and having to wait “forever” for my luggage to show up. But I cannot complain. I made it safely to Dalian with all of my belongings and nothing missing. My missionary mentor Mark and my roommate Ryan picked me up at the airport and I made it to my room at about midnight Thursday night.

My First Impressions:

• Ryan and other people from the church have been helping me start learning Chinese. I have learned just a little little bit so far, but I enjoy trying to say things. It is a difficult language, but I feel like that in six-months time I should be able to learn a whole lot.
• The food here is awesome, I forgot how good it is. There are so many different varieties and flavors. The street food is hand-cooked and is not pre-packaged like fast food would be. It is really tasty; I have tried several new dishes already. I believe I am going to really enjoy the food. 
• People in China live normal lives just like people in the United States. There are the same industries, the same types of jobs, the same pressures, and the same sins. They are regular people. They need Christ, just like people in America need Christ. There is a world of people here that need to hear the Gospel of Christ.
Things to look forward to:
• I will be starting language school next Tuesday. Pray that I would learn quickly and be diligent to study and try to learn the language.
• I will be trying to meet as many people as I can in the upcoming days, especially university students that speak English. I will try to share with them the Gospel and see if they are interested in doing a Bible study to learn more about Christ. Please pray for this.
• I will have the opportunity to help out in a kids English Bible Club that the church puts on every Saturday. Please pray that I will be diligent in this opportunity and that God will use it.
Thanks for all your prayers for safety. Please keep me in prayer during the upcoming weeks. God bless, Kanon

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