Around the Campfire: My Choice (by Jason Rishel)

“I have learned that what you grasp, you lose, but what you give to God, you gain.”
These words were spoken by the mother of a young man named Bill McChesney. In 1964, Bill went to the African country of Zaire as a missionary. But in less than a year, a rebel army overran the country and took Bill and several other foreigners captive. At the age of 28, Bill McChesney was clubbed to death while in captivity.
What would motivate such a man to leave his home and family to give his life on the foreign field?  Right before he left, he wrote  a poem entitled, “My Choice”. Below is the Poem:
I want my breakfast served at 8With Ham and Eggs upon the plateA well broiled steak I’ll eat at 1And dine again when day is doneI want an ultramodern home
And in each room a telephone;
Soft carpets, too, upon the floors
And pretty drapes to grace the doors.
A cozy place of lovely things,
Like easy chairs with inner springs,And then, I’ll get a nice T.V.
– Of course, I’m careful what I see.


I want my wardrobe, too, to be
Of neatest, finest quality,
With latest style in suit and vest
Why should not Christians have the best?

But then the Master I can hear
In no uncertain voice, so clear:
“I bid you come and follow Me,
The lowly Man of Galilee.”

“Birds of the air have made their nest
And foxes in their holes find rest,
But I can offer you no bed;
No place have I to lay my head.”

In shame I hung my head and cried,
How could I spurn the Crucified?
Could I forget the way He went,
The sleepless nights in prayer He spent?

For forty days without a bite,
Alone He fasted day and night;
Despised, rejected – on He went,
and did not stop till veil He rent!

A man of sorrows and of grief
No earthly friend to bring relief;
“Smitten of God,” the prophet said
Mocked, beaten, bruised, His blood ran red.
If He be God, and died for me,
No sacrifice too great can be
For me; a mortal man, to make;
I’ll do it all for Jesus’ sake.

Yes, I will tread the path He trod,
No other way will please my God,
So, henceforth, this my choice shall be,
My choice for all eternity.





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