Unexpected Return Trip

A few days ago, my grandpa passed away. He was a huge influence in my life and one of the main reasons I am a missionary today, and thanks to the airlines to make it convenient and some generous family members to help us with the ticket, we were able to make it back for the funeral. We are in the States for just over a week and will soon return.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to speak at his funeral and for his life and influence.

While here, we were able to be in a couple of supporting churches, see several supporting pastors, and even gain new support!

Culture Shock

Not of Thailand, but America. Instead of reaching those on the ’mission field,’ all the sudden we found ourselves back in a missions conference (by chance) talking about reaching people. Christian influence was all around us and it was overwhelming.

We love Thailand, but coming back to America made the differences stark. We are already ‘used to’ living in a culture void of Christian influence of any kind and all the sudden being back was a shock to our system.

Friends kicked out of China

Some close friends of mine have just been kicked out of China for the Gospel. I want to ask you to pray for them as they seek a way back in, and consider having them in your church on their forced furlough and have them share their story of their persecution. You can contact Jake and John at and


We have a lot of research done in the city now, and are getting closer to knowing where we are going to start soon. We are very excited. Please keep us in your prayers in these important days.

Yours for the Gospel in Thailand,

Philip and Lori Bassham
(+ Claire and one on the way)

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