The last month we have seen the Lord answer many prayers that we recently asked prayer for last month, so it is a joy to report back to you about how they were answered.

Answers for Wisdom

One of our biggest requests last month was for wisdom and over the last few weeks the Lord has opened the door, seemingly out of nowhere, several times in order to answer that prayer.

  • We were able to meet with almost a dozen missionaries at a conference up country for a couple of days for the purpose of getting to know each other and helping one another in the ministry. This was helpful to meet with some more experienced veterans for preaching, encouragement, and sharing of experiences.
  • Then, our director from Vision Baptist Missions came this month to check up on things and see the work we are doing. Being in the midst of the work with someone who has walked the road before you was extremely helpful and Jeff Bush was a big help to us for the few days he was here.
  • Then, for a short time we were also able to meet with some other good friends of ours that are just a few months ahead of us in the work, along with our pastor, and discuss the next couple of months with someone who just went through it recently.

So, we praise the Lord for His direction.

Answers for Laborers

Recently, we told you about friends of ours, the Kelletts, who were here on a survey trip and are now making progress in deputation heading this direction.

Additionaly, this month, the Lord has answered our prayers again for laborers and is sending our good friends, Chris and Sherry Waye, over to work with us! They will be here in just a few weeks, by the end of April. We thank you for praying, and praise the Lord for answering!

Some more prayer requests:

  • Softening of the hearts and bringing salvation to several that we have been witnessing to lately.
  • Chris and Sherry Waye as they move and get set up in the next few weeks.
  • Our preaching opportunities and Bible studies in our home this month.

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