It has been an exciting first few weeks here in China. I am enjoying being here learning and growing and telling others about Christ. Thanks so much to all my supporters who have made this trip possible. I covet your prayers and am excited to see what God is going to do in the next few months! Here are some highlights of my first few weeks.


Group that came to English Corner Outreach!


English Corner: I was able to start an English Corner Outreach at the church this past Saturday. I had ten visitors come which was really exciting. The discussion topic for the English Corner was Easter, and I took the opportunity to tell them about Christ`s resurrection and explain to them what it means. I invited everyone back to the special church service planned for Easter the next day. One of the guys named Law came to the church service the next day. When he came to the English Corner, he saw a swimming pool set up for a Baptism planned for the next day. He asked if he could come to the service and watch the Baptism. I told him, “sure.” He came and enjoyed the service and seemed especially interested in learning more about what it means to become a Christian. Please pray for his salvation.

Bible Study: I have been able to set up a few Bible studies so far with non-believers. We will meet and talk about the Bible and the Gospel of the Bible. One recent Bible study I had was very interesting. The guy I met with had a lot of questions. He told me that he had started reading the Bible in Genesis. I figured he had read the first couple of chapters, so we talked through that part. Then he asked about Abraham. Then he asked a question about Cain and Able. Then in one of my answers I told him about the Passover and he told me that he had read about that too. I was impressed. It seems like he already read from Genesis 1 to Exodus 12 or 13. He has a lot of questions about the Bible. Please pray for his salvation. His name is Wáng Chén Yáng. Pray, also that I would be able to study the Bible with more unbelievers so that they can learn how to be saved.

Resurrection Sunday: We had a special Easter service on Easter Sunday. A new believer was baptized. We had a huge meal after the service. In the afternoon, we had a time of singing where we praised the Lord for rising again. I enjoyed being a part of it. It is neat to see how God has used my missionary mentor Mark and his family to start the church here in Dalian, China. People have been saved and are now praising Jesus. It is pretty neat to see especially in China where so few percentage of the population is Christian.

Language: Language learning has been going pretty well. It is a long process, but I feel like each day I have tiny, little victories. Pray, for me to do better. Pray, for me to be diligent to learn. I am enjoying it. It is neat to be able to make small conversations with people. I especially enjoyed one conversation when I talked with a group of older men that were hanging out at the park. They thought it was so funny that I was trying to practice Chinese. They were all watching me and just cracked up laughing when I would say certain things. I couldn`t understand what exactly they laughed about, but I just laughed along with them.

Pray for Bible Study: I am going to try to start a ten week evangelistic Bible study before the end of this month. I will probably host it at my apartment. Please pray for me to make a lot of contacts that would be interested in coming to this. I am excited about this opportunity and hope that people will be able to come and get saved from it.

Thanks for your prayers and support. Have a great month of April. God bless,


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