Dear Pastors and Praying Friends,

“I will go anywhere, provided it be forward.” – David Livingstone

March has been a wonderful month of going forward. We have been in some wonderful churches and have some great news! God has blessed us beyond measure and we are excited to be that much closer to China. Hipster SP Video logo

Travel and Support

We have had a busy month of traveling! We have put over 6,500 miles on our van as we have traveled to Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Georgia, Missouri, and West Virginia. Having safely traveled so much this month, we truly are thankful for those who pray for our safety as we are on the road. The traveling certainly is not in vain as God has once again brought in new support!

Setup Fund News

As I have mentioned in a previous letter, a missionary’s setup fund is very important. A missionary must start from scratch in setting up his new home in a new country. It is like being a newlywed but without relatives to give you free, used furniture! We are amazed at the provision of God’s people. This month we received a generous donation that has given us a total of 33.4% of our setup fund. God is Good!

Life on the Road

Fast food restaurants are life savers for us as we travel. It gives us a great opportunity to unstrap Evie after being in the car for so long and let her run around and play. She does not meet strangers, but she is normally accustomed to being in church and telling others she is going to China. One day, at a playground, she ran up to some other kids and said, “Hi, I’m Evie and I came from China!” I do not think she knew what to do with the blank stares the other kids gave her!

Thanks once again for all your prayers and support.

In Christ’s Service,

The Johnson Family

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