April ’14 Prayer Letter (by Scott Newton)

Dear Praying Friends,

Well, at long last and Lord willing, this is the last prayer letter with only 4 Newtons! We are very near Melissa’s due date, and preparing for the experience of having a baby in Spain. It’s far from a 3rd world country, but we are finding out that things are still very different! For instance, in America when the time came to go to the hospital, we just grabbed her little bag that had a couple changes of clothes and got in the car. Of course, Melissa convinced me to stop at Waffle House for breakfast AFTER her water broke. True story. Here, that bag has to be a lot bigger. Here are some things the hospital doesn’t provide: diapers, bottles, formula, baby blanket, soap to wash the baby, rubbing alcohol to sterilize the baby after being born (seriously!), and forceps. OK, the last one was a joke, but wow!

What we’ve been up to this month:

We have had a great month, and are excited to be progressing in language and ministry opportunities. I had the chance to lead 2 church services this last month, and am still helping out teaching a college and career class in the church on Friday nights. I have really enjoyed digging into 2 Timothy in Spanish, and my month was made last Friday night when several came to me afterward to tell me how God had really used the study to help them. Love my job!

I have also had the opportunity to talk about the Gospel with a Catholic man named Hugo over the past few months, and I really believe God is at work in his heart. We are currently reading a good book together so we can keep getting together to discuss the Bible.

What we will be up to soon: 

After spending a good amount of time researching areas of Barcelona, we also decided to move as close as we can to the area we plan to launch a church in. We had been praying specifically for a house that would be:

  • Large enough to accommodate a Bible Study group
  • Accessible to major highways, train and bus stops
  • Close to one of the major universities to reach out to college students from all over the country
  • Inside the major urban area of the planned church
  • Still within our price range

God answered all those specific prayers! We are excited to see how He both gives plans and fulfils them. Once things calm down a bit with the new baby, we plan on starting Sunday night weekly Bible studies as soon as possible, and already have a believer close by named Luis who is excited about coming and being a part.

Special requests: 

  • Mother and baby health
  • Start of new Bible study in coming months. We would love to saturate as much of the neighbouring areas of Barberà, Ripollet, Cerdanyola, Badía, and Bellaterra as possible with literature and/or Gospel DVD’s. This area has a combined population of 200,000, with very little Gospel influence. If you would like to help with a special donation toward this project, it would be greatly appreciated and put to good use.

As always, thanks for allowing us to represent you and your church here in Spain!

Yours for His Harvest,

The Newtons


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