A Trip to the Keys: Men not Ministry (Part 2 of 3) (by Ben Johnson)

In considering our key philosophies, this one should come of little to no surprise: we desire to train men who can train men. Many missionaries put this on their prayer cards and say they are going overseas to do this very thing but sadly, few actually train national leadership.

We know that no matter what, our time is limited on the mission field. Whether by deportation, health-issues or death; there is no way to stay on the field forever. Every missionary must have an exit strategy for when they leave. We want a church that stands on its own feet but also has its own leadership.

We can go to the mission field and can build a great ministry. We can start a church and a Bible college. We can have phenomenal kid’s ministry and youth program. If we were going to a more open country, we could possibly even have a television and radio ministry. And if that is all we built, some would say we were doing a great job but sadly, we would have failed.

A missionary is not successful unless he has a successor. We are seeking to build men not ministries. We want men who can lead and train others. Men who will continue the work even when we are gone. This is what we see Jesus doing and it is what we should do.


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