A Patriotic Story (by Ben Johnson)

During the War of 1812, the British burned much of Washington D.C.’ s public buildings. After doing this, there were several deserters who went and plundered some farmland nearby. One of the farms plundered was owned by Robert Bowie, former governor of Maryland.

He did not like that and enlisted the help of a man named William Beanes to arrest these British soldiers. Dr. Beanes and a few other men did so and placed the soldiers in a jail. However, one of them escaped and told a British General what had happened.

This General was not too happy and then arrested these men and Dr. Beanes. Although The other men were released, Dr. Beanes was taken aboard a ship and held there.

Through the news being spread of Dr. Beanes situation, his family contacted a lawyer they knew to help get his release. President Madison then sent the lawyer and another man who specialized in prisoner matters to negotiate the physician’s release. The British released the doctor but refused to let the men go back to shore.

On the ship, the men watched as Fort McHenry was bombarded by the British. When the morning came, the American flag still flew above the fort to show that it had not been conquered.

That lawyer’s name was Francis Scott Key, the author of “The Star-Spangled Banner”.

And I heard this story because the doctor in the story was from Upper Marlboro, Maryland which is where my Wednesday night meeting was and one of the members of the church told me the story. It’s amazing what you learn on deputation!


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