The following quotes are by Roger N. McNamara, Editor in the book, A Practical Guide to Church Planting, pp 11-16


1. A church planter needs to be spiritually mature.


2. A church planter needs to be a soul winner.


3. A church planter needs to be a lover of people


4. A church planter needs to be a leader.


5. A church planter needs to be a disciplined person.


6. A church planter needs to be flexible.


7. A church planter needs to be financially responsible.


8. A church planter needs to be a family man.


9. A church planter needs to be educated and experienced.



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  1. Dear Pastor Gardner & Family,

    Greetings to you in the Lord from South India.

    I had been in touch with you several years ago. But some how my laptop got virus and had to change my laptop.

    Good to know your ministry. Today I liked the points on guide to Church Planter.

    God has called me to be a church planter from 2000 year. That year I had been to US to speak in churches, but I was not permitted by the emigration officials. Thus I had to fly 11 hours to South Korea, 7 hours to Singapore ( with three hours halt ) and four hours to Chennai, India, ( with 40 min gap ).

    I was to speak in 32 Baptist Churches, but could not so. In the flight ( the same flight, journeyed 11 hours from S. Korea ), I asked the Lord , why this so. One thing I know that God is in control of everything. I began to read Matthew, Mark and Luke, for I know to God’s Will it is only His Word. The Lord spoke to me in Luke 10:30 — I learned to be a person to help other Indian Pastors who need help, teaching and guidance. The Lord when I obeyed Him, He blessed to have sixteen churches in ten years. Praise the Lord.

    Prior to this ministry, I was in Bangalore for 12 years at the Berean Baptist Bible College, (I was also a student there for five years from 1975 – 80 ), 4 years at Trinity Baptist Theological Seminary, and now the Lord burdened me to start Tamil Nadu Baptist Bible College at Kotagiri, from 1990.

    When we walk in God’s way, we walk safely and steadily for His Glory. Amen.

    God bless you Sir. May His love and presence be with you always.

    In Him,

    Daniel Lincoln

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