We have been on deputation now for nine months.  Let me first thank our faithful supporters who have taken us on this past year!  We are at 28% of our needed funds to leave for Argentina.  We have been in wonderful churches all across this country!  God has and is blessing!

So what are we asking God to do in 2015?  Our goal is to leave for the mission field between March and June of 2016.  That is a year and 3 months from now.  We are asking God to do many things this year concerning our deputation.  Here are a few…

  • Continue to fill our calendar.  I think deputation is like any other job in that it takes work!  Missionaries should have a full calendar of scheduled meetings with churches that are desiring to fulfill the Great Commission. This takes a lot of time and patience as well as trusting the Lord in it all!  Our calendar only has a few openings this year.  We are working diligently to fill those openings.
  • To be a blessing in every church.  Deputation is about raising funds, but it is also about encouraging brothers and sisters where they are in their Christian walk.  We have seen men surrender their lives to missions in our deputation trail.  We have spoken to hurting people who have received comfort through God’s Word.  We are asking God to do much more of these things in and through us in 2015!
  • To gain support.  A missionary on deputation must work hard and stay in contact, but the truth is, it is God that gives the increase.  We are asking God to build our support this year in a major way.  We are actively trusting God, pushing forward, and seeking for Him to bring the needed funds in so that we can do what He has called us to do.  We want to be in Argentina now, planting churches now, and we believing God will bring us very close to that goal in 2015!

There are other things we are asking God for.  We are asking God daily for safety, for health, for growth in His Word, for souls!

Please pray for us as we continue our deputation this year!  God is going to do incredible things in 2015!

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